The Artist's Way: Workbook

For artists that need to get out of the mental and artistic rut they may have found themselves in, this workbook provides a lifeline.

It is very motivational and will inspire any artist to strive for the things they seek and to create more from their own depths of creativity within.

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This book is not so much an entertaining read as a working motivator that will set you back on the right track and into creative ways.

It provides ideas and alternatives to the normal run of things and I found it personally uplifting in that it got me through some very "stuck" periods when no ideas were flowing and my work had become stale.

Just reading this book got me thinking outside that mundane box once more and got me back into the creative, feeling way from which my best work seems to come.

The Artist's Way

In this incredibly inspiring book, Julia Cameron helps make us very aware of all of the simple pleasures that our lives have to offer us and to enjoy every moment.

But don't just buy it because you think it might look good on your bookshelf or impress your friends. It's a book to be used and used over and over again. The more you use it, the more you will want to use it because it will push you into places you may not have previously dared to go.

Don't ever be afraid to push the boundaries that you think might be there in front of you. To create, you must get out of the box and do what is not considered normal! Remember, most normal people are not artists.

Artists are not necessarily normal people either! Julia Cameron shows you how to find your creative self that is often hiding inside of you like a frightened child to scared to come out into the open. We never know what we are afraid of and often simply fear the very thing that we cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste.

Creativity is outside of those senses. You just have to find them. You will find them inside of you and this book will help you to do that.

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There you can read some more customer reviews if you wish and make your purchase at a very good price which will be lower than most High Street shops. What are you waiting for? Inspiration..?

Janice White

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