While it is certainly not fine art in its purest sense, music is an art-form that deserves its place in this section of the website on musical topics and points of interest that anyone who has an interest in any of the many different and diverse forms of music can appreciate.

There is a lot to cover here, so I won't try to do it all in a single article, but will break it up into a series of separate topical pieces.

Musical Genres

Being so diverse in nature, music extends into almost every aspect of life from the audio and visual media that is television and movies to radio, live events and recorded for people's enjoyment in their own homes or on personal players, computers and even phones. While there are an enormous number of sub-divisions, it can fairly easily be divided up into just a few major genres such as:

and these can then be broken down into their separate sub-divisions. Not surprisingly, popular music will have by far the most diverse types ranging from early big band to rock 'n' roll through blues, jazz, country and progressive rock; to pop, dance, soul, reggae, ska, punk, new wave and new romantic, hip hop, rap, heavy rock and heavy metal etc.

Personal Favourites

Here is something that never ceases to amaze and that is where so many different people manage to have so many different favourite musical types while disliking other forms. Quite often you will find people like to occupy certain groups where they will like soul and dance but dislike rock, or they'll like heavy metal but dislike reggae for example.

Then there are the creators of the music itself, the musicians and each will have their own personal preferences which usually coincide with the kind of songs they create and prefer to perform or record. This makes for a wonderfully diverse and colourful spectrum of musical variances that makes a beautifully fascinating whole!

Where Can it Go?

If there is one thing for sure, music keeps evolving from its earliest classical and traditional roots right up to the present day popular styles and it will keep changing and diversifying as long as musicians keep striving to find new things, new sounds, new forms of expression.

Quite often it will be said that musically, we have come to the end of the possibilities because all the different structures, melodies and note/chord associations have been used already. And many of those over and over so many times that new songs all sound like old ones re-hashed.

But the reality is that just when you think there simply can't be anything really new and original, someone comes up with a totally new and original song!

Musical instruments have remained virtually the same since the earliest classics were written and performed on the orchestral stalwarts that have not undergone much change since the earliest times. We have progressed in the last century by the introduction of the electric guitar and bass guitar as well as the electric organ, piano keyboard and synthesizer with its functionality having been built into guitars and other electronic instrument variations of their manually played forebears.

It is a common belief that the synthesizer was the pinnacle of new musical sound creation. And so far, that belief has held as no truly new sounds have been created since the mid 1980s when synth programming was all the rage.

But does that mean there will never be a new sound or a new instrument invented or created now or in the future? Probably not as creation and invention are natural human traits.

Further Article Topics

But that's for discussion in another article as well as all the other things hat can be written about and covered. So let's take a look at what else can be covered in the titles below:

You can read more about this topic as well as find out about live performance of your favourite types of musicianship at where this aspect of things is presented and discussed by a professional performing musician.

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